With a Name Like Mine

and a game like mine.

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+Dominating my name on Google

I have a pretty unique name. I’m sure there is another Larsen or Larson out there as a first name but in my journey this far, I have yet to meet another. It’s an interesting position to be in because when someone says your name you know they’re talking about you. There is no “which one?” response.

Up until now, I thought that the way I present myself in person was how a person would form their impression of me. I realize that if someone had never met me, but knew my name, their best bet to get information about me would be simply to Google my name.

In my 28+ years of life, the amount of people I’ve met so far pales in comparison to how many people are in the world. Luckily, I’m living in the age of the internet where a lot more people have a chance at getting to know me. Moving forward, I’m going to control what shows up when people search my name up. If a random person stumbles upon my name I need to make sure the message I want to convey is the one they receive.

To take up real estate on the front page I have this website, my Linkedin and my Facebook page. That means I’ll have to build up my Google+, Twitter,Youtube, try to get a wikipedia, and write a book so I can have an Amazon listing.

Action Packed Weekend

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+The gym
+Great America
+Valley Fair
-Car Accident

Friday, I go to the gym and it sucked. This past week has been pretty crappy as far as the gym goes. I think I need to start back over and reprogram. Maybe Vegas took a bigger toll on me than I thought. I really think it was the sleep though. I wasn’t getting good rest the whole week but I don’t want to make excuses. Afterwards, I went to my god brother’s house who is also my neighbor. He had a bbq for his friends born in July. He used to be vegetarian but recently switched back so it was weird seeing him eat a burger and what not.

The next day I drop by work really quick since we’re going to Great America and get some work done. Then I meet up at my friends house and we go. It turns out it’s an island culture fest or something to that effect. We ran into a few people we knew. Rode rides, they were fun. We were also getting to know this chick my friend is seeing and pretending to screen her based on her answers to our questions.

After we part ways, my friend and I hit up Valley Fair for some Super Duper Burger. He also gets his fiance a gift and we window shop. I looked at this Roshe’s I wanted to get but I can’t really justify buying another pair after spending so much money and what not. It’d go great with this disco hoody thing I wanted to buy but oh well. We hit up Santana Row to look around and it’s pretty cracking over there. I ran into my team lead there as well. I’m pretty tuckered out after that so I head home.

The next day, I’m going to meet up with my same friend to pick up my suit for his wedding. On the way I get into a car accident. It was minor (for me) and nobody was hurt so that was good. I was almost in the clear but the fourth car involved slammed another car or something into me. I don’t know exactly what happened because it happened so fast but I went from “OH NO!” to “PHEW!” to “WTF?!” in a matter of seconds. We get the suits then I head on over to my sisters house.

She partitions my hair and cuts it so that I can donate it. It’s been I believe 1 year 8 months and 12 days. I forgot when I exactly started. It’s been fun and interesting but I’m glad to finally be able to donate it and help someone out. To that convict that was on Lock up. You’ll never see this but you’ve inspired me.


I went to Las Vegas for my friend’s bachelor party and that’s all there is to that story.


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I went camping this past weekend with some friends. We went to Big Sur and our campsite was by this little river and that was pretty cool. I found we were the last car to arrive so we unloaded our stuff and then I helped out with dinner. I’m not saying we camp like Aziz Ansari in Parks in Rec but we definitely we’re not skimping out on some shit. I’ve never been on a camping trip with poke, anchor steam beer, or ghiradelli chocolates for smores. I did however feel that hard ground when I slept though. A sleeping bag is not a bed. I did not have the foresight, unlike my friends, to bring a crashpad for rock climbing to put under the sleeping bag. I want to be in nature but I’d like to sleep comfortably if possible so I wouldn’t mind copying their strategy. Friday night we played trivia.

Saturday morning we had breakfast and then went hiking in this river. Actually, saturday morning started off with my friend not being able to find her wedding ring so we spent a lot of time looking for that. We eventually found it so that was good. We went hiking in the river afterwards. I wore my vibrams. It was painful. We walked up the river and had to start climbing up rocks and what not. Not rock climbing but you did have to go up rocks. Some folks went back when it came to that part, the other half of us kept going. It ended in this cave kind of thing, there was this tunnel down but the drop was pretty high and it had a bunch of pointy branches and shit. We turned back but this time took the road when it became available to save us the torture of walking on these rocks.

Sunday we packed up and headed home. On the way we stopped at this place known for their clam chowder. It was good, I had a chowder bowl and sandwich which I could not finish because both items were so rich. I was totally not expecting that. I told my friend it was too buttery and he never thought I’d say that mostly because I’ve eaten fried butter from the Del Mar fair.
Got home, shit, showered, slept. All in all a great weekend.

A Plate Away

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+1000 pound club

It’s been a while since I’ve tested my deadlift pr. Previously, it was at 315 lbs. Originally, I was going to attempt to do a 4×4 of 315lbs but I’ve been doing the 4×4 for my deadlift for a while now so I want to test it out since my previous pr was now going to be my working set. I did 4 reps at 135 lbs for a warm up. Then one rep at 315, one rep at 335, one rep at 365. I attempted one rep at 385 because I was being greedy and wanting to hit my target already. I failed that lift, attempted a 365 afterwards but didn’t get to lock it out completely so it doesn’t count.

The next back day, I’ll go back and work the 4×4 and move that up slowly. I should be able to get to a 385 one rep max by September. I guess technically I could leave my deadlift at 365 and try pushing up my squat to 385. That would allow me to focus completely on getting my bench up to 250 and then that would be 1000 pounds. I’m pretty sure I can do 385 squat for a rep or two but I really want to dominate 4×4 335 on the squat before trying it out.

For getting my bench up I’m going to incorporate decline bench. Not sure if I want to do it with the barbell or the dumbbells. The barbell decline bench at my gym doesn’t have an adjustable legs part so the bar starts too far high for me to unrack it with a weight close to what I should be working at. I’ve never really used dumb bells so I’m not sure about how I’m going to set up if I use those.

Right now, I’m 365 deadlift, 365+ (not sure what my true 1 rep is) squat, and 225 bench. 955. 1k club here I come.

The Foo In Our Stars

This post is about:
+The Fault in our Stars
+The Foo Fighters and Usher
+My cousin’s store opening up
+Fat Scan

Friday after work I had an impromptu meadery session with some coworkers. I’m really starting to like that place. It’s a bit small but that pear cider is fucking delicious. The prices are super reasonable too. That or they keep under charging me and I forget but I’ve had a great time twice now. I was going to watch the Fault in Our Stars that day but it ended up not happening once again.

Saturday was pretty cool. I woke up and got my second fat scan. I lost 8 pounds, 3 pounds of it was muscle =( I gotta go through my old “stat sheet” to see where I lost my lean mass. I still have strength gains so I’m not too mad about it.

After that I went to ATT park for Genentech’s give back concert. I missed Colbie Caillat or however you spell it but I don’t really care. We took Bart there and walked about a mile to the park. On the way, my sister texts me that the Foo Fighters are on. Luckily, we make it in time to the park for me to catch a good amount of their songs. They also did a cover of the Rolling Stones miss you and I forgot what else. They had unlimited beer and wine so I got kind of turned up. After that was Usher, and he was pretty cool. One of his dancers seemed hot, I was kind of far because they closed down field access. Found her on instagram, she’s hot lol. After that event, I went to Oakland for the grand opening of my cousin’s store Massive. Two hotties there but I bitched out because I was stunned. One looked like a prettier version of Alicia Keys. After that, I went home and slept because I was tired.

Sunday I finally watched The Fault in Our Stars. It wasn’t as good as the book. The book had more instances of comedy. This movie was pretty lovey dovey and sad. I knew it was going to be but I thought there would be more humor to contrast it. I did have a random inappropriate thought during one of the scenes and almost started HELLA CRACKING UP but luckily I was able to somewhat contain myself. Yeah though, it was sad like how the book was which was good because sometimes you need to see sad shit. Well maybe you don’t but I do because it makes me feel alive and glad to be alive. It reminded me of one of my friends that died in high school of cancer. Life isn’t fair so when it’s not fair in your favor exploit the shit out of that shit. Oh, random but Laura Dern was in it and looked pretty good for her age. Maybe that’s just the young boy in me that remembers her from Jurassic Park.

And that’s my life.

Jump Street

This post is about:
+Picking up my shoes
+Watching 22 Jump Street
+Flag football

So we totally won our first game in flag football for the season. We have a bye this week so it’ll be at least two weeks of enjoying our undefeated record. The team we beat had their first game against us. It felt interesting to be on the other side of the “butt-whuppin”. It was cool to see how far we’ve come since the beginning of our previous season. I have to mention we have a couple of personnel changes so it’s not the exact same team but as long as we get wins and continue to improve I don’t care.

Saturday, rolled with the homies to get our suits fitted. A couple of us then rolled to the mall because they needed to do some shopping and I needed to pick up the shoes I bought. After that, I watched 22 Jump street. It was funny. I might also add, Amber Stevens, yowzer. Thanks 22 Jump Street for putting her on my radar.

A Bit Early

Felt like posting today.

This post is about:
+Birthday Party
+ TV shows

The things that have transpired since my last post. I went to the gym with my friend and he was able to set a new bench pr which put him into the 1000lb club for lifting. See my previous posts if you want to know what that is. He then later invited me to a dive bar with some of our other friends. That night was pretty cool, it was pretty empty and it was a bunch of regulars. The drinks were cheap and on top of that I got two free shots out of singing karaoke. Everyone there was pretty friendly. There was one of those machines that you can punch and it measure how hard you hit it. We did that but Street Fighter style so you had to hadouken it. Singing karaoke was pretty fun, I’m not a good singer but I enjoy singing. Normally, I do it within the privacy of my car but I’ve been trying to push my comfort zone in public.

Saturday was my friend’s daughter’s birthday party. I thought it was the week before and showed up last week lol. It’s okay because that was the day I bought her gift and apparently it’s a little hard to come by. So that was cool. It was good hanging out with everyone, they had an astro jump which is a bounce house. I had a few drinks and did back flips in them when the kids were gone.

Sunday I met up with my friend and went shoe shopping. I needed new dress shoes but am not familiar with today’s trends. I end up buying two pairs of shoes because they were on sale and the amount saved was pretty good. We walked around the mall and Santana Row and what not. I dropped by work for a bit because I wanted to get a head start on my workload because I wanted to make sure I got out on time to hang out on Monday.

Monday, we meet up at a Mexican restaurant and eat dinner there. It’s pretty good, I hope I remember to write a yelp review about it. Afterwards, we watched Godzilla which I enjoyed. I wish there was more Bryan Cranston in it but hey I’ll take Elizabeth Olsen as eye candy as a substitute. Speaking of things I watch, Game of Thrones is mother fucking rocking right now. Silicon Valley ended well last week, I’m not sure if I posted about it. Also, Orange is the New Black is back and it’s good. That show also has some new eye candy on it.

That’s all folks.

Tuesdays With Larsen

This post is about:
+Weightloss competition

I’m currently now in third place overall in the weight loss competition. I was second but one of them finally caught up to me. I’ve been averaging in the 165 lb range. I dialed the cardio way up this week, not really hitting the weights. I know this goes against what I believe in for fat loss but I want to see if I can just burn the calories during my rest from lifting. I’ve been experiencing a tight sensation in my right shoulder when doing pec flys. I decided to take a break since it’s been a while since I had one. I don’t expect to lose too much muscle in one week and I’m doing the cardio to help make up for the calories I would have burned.

My next DEXA scan is scheduled for June 21. Still going to keep the cardio but dial it down a bit and ramp up the volume with the weight lifting to make sure my muscles are being stimulated. I’m going to run my standard 4×4 working set weights and then an extra 2 or 2 sets of 8 of a lighter weight. My working set weight is approximately 85% of my 1 rep max. I’m thinking for the additional two sets I’ll drop it from 85% to 65%.