Happy New Year

A bit hard to believe I haven’t used this thing in like 6 months. I really thought the last time I posted had been in 2015 but apparently not. Perhaps, I forgot to hit publish on it. What’s new….hmm…. by my standards I’m fat now. I have a side part haircut going on now. I think it goes well with my beard.

Upgrade Complete

Not much new in the ways of my life. I have super sport membership now at 24 since that’s all they had at Costco. Didn’t play Destiny at all this weekend which is kind of cray. A couple of people at the office seem sick. I hope I don’t get what they have but I’m beginning to not feel 100% grrr. Speaking of work, they redid the asphalt and repainted the lines. I don’t think it will help the people who park shitty though.


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+- Destiny

I’ve been playing Destiny a lot. It’s both enjoyable and frustrating. I’ll probably go back and edit this to add more detail but I don’t want to owe somebody 10 dollars if they catch me slippin.

Birthday Week

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+ My birthday

For my birthday, I flew to Albuquerque. I picked up my rental car and proceeded to drive to Alamosa, Colorado. A lot of people in that region seem to go to the speed limit which was interesting. I checked into my hotel, got something to eat and drank a little bit. I played a bit of WoW because I was bored. The next day, I woke up and drove to the alligator wrestling spot. Turns out my GoPro’s battery died. I totally bought it for this but oh well. I wrestled the gators, and started driving back to Albuquerque. It was about a 4 hour drive. I show up to the hotel, which is downtown, in my gator wrestling clothes. Imagine me rolling up into a pretty nice hotel, in board shorts, a tank top, Nike Roshes and a bit mud on my legs and arms. I come sauntering in with my backpack and duffle bag. I don’t mind the stares of the businessmen and older folks because you’d look like this too if you wrestled an alligator.

I take a shower and get cleaned up. I dress up and go to the restaurant in the hotel. I look good. The food tastes good. I had a melted gouda with chorizo dish and this blood sausage. I grab a couple of drinks at the bar. The bartenders are really cool and hook me up with drinks. The next day, I play it pretty mellow in the beginning. I don’t have much planned but think about going to the 4 to corners monument is 4 to 5 hours away. The website says it closes at 5 and it’s about noon. I decide, “Eh fuck it. If I don’t make it, then I don’t make it but I’m pretty sure I’ll make it.” I start driving, another day in a car. I don’t mind ,there’s no traffic and gas is cheap. The route I’m taking passes by a couple of small towns so that was good. Civilization is always handy. There were parts though when there wasn’t much around. Thank goodness the radio stations were still legit. On the way to Colorado and back, there were like two radio stations at times and they were both like Christian talk. Nothing against it, I just don’t want to listen to it while driving a long distance.

I make it to the 4 corners, and it turns out they close at 7pm today so I had all sorts of time without knowing it. I take a couple of pictures and then head back in the car for another 4.5 hours. I am tired. I get cleaned up again and go to the bar. I don’t know why I went to the bar. Both nights, I really felt like I should have just slept. I guess part of me was clinging on to feeling young and trying to be social. Sometimes I like being around people, sometimes I don’t. I don’t get it, it’s weird. The next day I pack up my things and fly back to the bay.

I’ve been playing a lot of Destiny lately. It’s pretty fun but some shit about it sucks. I’m torn about how I feel but that’s okay because it’s just a video game.

Branching Out

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+Meeting New People
+Buying clothes

This past weekend was Labor day. I’ve recently reactivated my WoW account. Go ahead and judge lol. I activated it a few days prior to the weekend and I must say I forgot how fun it is for me. Anyway, a coworker invited me to his birthday party. I was debating on going or playing WoW. I told myself “Don’t you dare be one of those!” I was hesitant on going because 1, it’s pretty far from where I live and 2, he would probably be the only person I knew there. I’ve been trying to get out of my comfort zone so I wanted to see if I had the social skills to be around people I didn’t know and still have a good time. One of my other coworkers ended up showing up but leaving early. Another former coworker showed up as well. I schmoozed with the majority of people and had a pretty good time.

The next day, I was going to drop by work and then hit up the mall. My god brother wanted to come along so I ended up not going to work that day. I ended up buying two shirts. One is kind of small but hopefully I can slim down into it because I think it looks fresh. I feel like I’m starting to have a decent amount of pieces of clothing to begin to switch up my style on the regular. I’d like some dark brown pants, grey slacks and maybe some colored jeans.

Monday, I went to work and did a half day. People think I’m some kind of workaholic and I’m really not. It makes the following day easier for me and frankly I don’t really anything else better to do. I feel it’s good practice for being 24/7. I kind of want to be on at all times. Right now my only asset is myself so I gotta work that as much as I can until I can get other assets that can go 24/7 for me.


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+Getting into the 1k club!

Okay so for those who don’t know, (if anyone actually reads this) I’ve been trying to have my bench, backsquat and deadlift 1 rep maxes total to 1000 pounds. Yesterday, I set a deadlift pr. Today I was going to do my normal chest routine but ran into my friend there. I told him about how I was 25 pounds away and that I might chip away at it on my bench today. I realized I haven’t tested my bench in 9 months or so. I figured I could squeeze 10 or so pounds out of it and be closer to my goal. It turns out I hit the 1k club the original way I planned. 250 bench, 365 squat, 385 deadlift. For a while, I thought I might have to make up some of the pounds in the squat since it was my 4 rep max and I wasn’t sure how much more I could squeeze out of the deadlift. Needless to say, I was super happy today.

I did a 4 reps at 135 for warm up, 4 reps at 205, 1 rep 225, 1 rep 235, 1 rep 245 1 rep 250. My next goal is a 400 pound squat. Other than that, I don’t have any concrete plans as far as the gym goes. I’m contemplating going for 3,4,5 plates for bench, squat and deadlift. That’d be nuts if I could do that shit. It’d take a lot to get there. Pounds are at a premium. I feel like getting to this point took a lot in hindsight.

25 Pounds Away And I Didn’t Even Have To Use My AK

“Today was a good day.” Ice Cube

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+The Mall
+New PR

I dropped by work today and since I was in the area I figured I’d hit up Valley Fair. Got there in the late afternoon but Santana Row and the mall had a pretty good amount of folks out still. In the future, when it’s time to ball out. I can see myself doing some serious shopping there. I could be the Silicon Valley version of Gucci Mane. I toured the mall as usual. Twice around because I like to shop like that. I ended up buying a short sleeve button up from Superdry. I also got a shirt from Express. I don’t really know how to describe it, its kind of like a button up but it has the cuffs that get rolled up and buttoned up.

After the mall, I went to the gym. I got a call from some of my friends in LA. They were about to celebrate one of their birthdays and called me up to try to facetime. I wasn’t able to because I needed wifi for facetime but I really appreciate them calling. I really enjoy little surprises like that.

It was time to get refocused. I was feeling pretty good today so I wanted to set a personal record for my deadlift. I felt like my deadlift and squat regiments were paying off overall since the last time I test it. The last time I set a PR for my deadlift was June 25. You can see the post here:

In that post I predicted a 385 1 rep max by September. I beat my expectation by 1 week. If I get 4 plates before the end of the year that would be epic. In hindsight, I realized that I had a lot more ramp up weight. Previously,I did 4 reps at 135 lbs for a warm up. Then one rep at 315, one rep at 335, one rep at 365. This time around I did 4 reps at 135, one rep at 225, one rep at 295, one rep at 315, one rep at 335, one rep at 365, and finally one rep at 385. Next time, I think I’ll take out the rep at 295 and 335. Right now my one rep max numbers are 385 for deadlift and 225 for bench. My four rep max for squats is still 365. I’m pretty sure I can dominate that since before I wasn’t able to do 4×4 at 315 for squats. Now I’m doing 4×4 325 multiple times a week. I was almost able to 4×4 335 before. I think a week or two more of the multi day 4×4 at 325 will help me secure that. 975 so close. I think I can do more on my bench too. When I did 225 one rep max, I couldn’t do 4×4 205 but now I can so I’m feeling pretty confident I can do at least 230. I think I can get to the 1k club sooner than I thought.