Blood Moon

No this is not a gang thing. Tonight is supposed to be the blood moon eclipse. For those of you without a Facebook account, it’s this lunar eclipse that’s going to appear red. I was checking up on it as I wrote this and it doesn’t seem very red and I’ve been checking up on it every 20 minutes or so.

Anyway, I think the results of going to the gym are starting to show. It’s nice when people notice because this thing wasn’t overnight by any means. I started going to the gym like what, a year and a half to two years ago or something like that. I believe it was around the time I began to grow out my hair. I could have probably transformed a little faster but I knew the first thing I had to do personally was not worry about when the results would come. I knew that getting used to the process would be the key to my success. I’ve tried different approaches along the way but eventually found something I think is right and appears to be working well for me.

Still fitness related, I entered a weight loss competition with my coworkers. I’m not really competing seriously because I’m on the lower end of the body fat percentage spectrum among the competitors so it’ll be a little bit tougher for me and I really want to maintain strength and a decent amount of muscle during the cut. I’ve wanted to start cutting on my own but decided to enter this as some extrinsic motivation. I’m scheduled for a DXA scan this Saturday. It’ll be cool to know what my exact body fat percentage is. I think I get paid today, that’ll be nice.

It Smells Like Update

Got squat 4 rep max to 335. My team won Hacker Kombat. Hacker Kombat is this competition we had at work. It’s a CTF for hackers. What you do is expose different vulnerabilities and then a string of characters, a “flag”, will appear and then you submit that for points. I think that I got our team 12 points, I forgot what the value of that flag was. I didn’t get the flag the way it was intended to be captured but hey points are points.

I went to the Warrior game vs the Jazz and was thoroughly pleased with the outcome. I don’t think I can say more than that without the express written consent of the NBA.

I’m entertaining the idea of larping and learning metal working…. I got this random idea of perhaps making myself a crown and a scepter just cuz I think that’s dope lol.

It’s Mine, I spend it

I bought some Nike Roshes. Another pair for myself and one for my dad. They’re so comfortable. When I’m at the mall there are so many things I want to buy but don’t need. Maintaining focus on the bigger picture is so key. Today, I bought 5 g’s of stock. I maxed out my Roth IRA contributions last week and then decided to finally pull the trigger. My entry point wasn’t the most ideal but I feel like it’s on an upward trend for the most part. I hope to get a nice 10% gain on it then maybe cash out. I was thinking of selling one of my other positions to realize my gains on it and then bet really big on the stock I just bought but I’m still unsure about it. I know my investments are small potatoes but they feel like big potatoes to me lol.

Where I’m @

Gotta keep it trill in the ‘ville. I’ll need to execute more trades if I want to hit my quota of 12 trades in the year. I’m geared to line up another trade by the Roth IRA deadline. I feel like I’m doing pretty well in my journey to the 1k club. Don’t know what that is? Read about it here:

My bench press I’m pretty confident in getting my 1rm to 250lbs. I was able to do a 4 rep set of 205 with no spotter. I think I may have did two full sets but either way I did one more 3 rep set. I could have pushed for the 4th but the last time I did that I almost decapitated myself on the decline. Anyway, I’ve never been able to do 4 reps at 205 unassisted soI was pretty amped about even doing 1 set with 4 full reps. I’m guessing my 1 rep max is now at least 230 and I’d be pretty stoked for 235.

My dead lift 1rm is at 315 right now. I think I could go maybe 10 pounds heavier. When I did that 1 rep max I was sooooo tired. I warmed up with 4 reps @ 135, 4 reps @ 225, 1 rep @ 275, 1 rep @ 295, then 1 rep @ 315. Previously, I think my max was around 280. Not really sure how effective my training is compared to programs but so far it’s working for me. What I did was a warm up set @ 135. then 4 sets of 4 @ 250. I’m not too sure if that was the most optimal way of getting through plateau but the important part is I got past it.

Another key element to helping out my deadlift was training squats more often. Currently, I don’t have a true 1rm for my squat. I have a 4rm at 325, previously 315 but I threw some 5′s on there just to see because I was able to do 2 sets of 4 reps at 315 and was feeling pretty good.

As far as saving, I bought some new shoes. Nah, I feel like I’m doing pretty well. I’m going to max out my Roth IRA next week. Hawaii is done with so I don’t have that looming as an expense anymore. Next major (planned) expense is Vegas. That’s in a few months but I’ll make contributions to the Roth along the way. I’m talking like 400 bucks here and there. Speaking of 400 bucks and expenses (unplanned). I got a fine today from a cop for a carpool lane violation. “If you want to dance, you’ve got to pay the fiddler.”

A quick run down of other things/goals:
-Went to Hawaii for the first time. Super awesome
-Taking a Coursera class about Python
-8 song mixtape by December
-Wake up at 5am more often
-12% body fat
-Blog more often
- Join Parks and Rec committee

Happy 2014

Happy New Year.

This post is going to be about my 2014 goals. This year is going to be about fitness and finances.

Goal #1 Join the 1000 lb. Club

To complete this goal, I will have to have the sum of my 1 rep max for my deadlift, 1 rep max for bench, and 1 rep max for squat. My breakdown for those would be a deadlift @ 375 lbs., benchpress @ 250lbs and squat @ 375 lbs.

Goal #2 Stock Stuff

I’ll need to max out the rest of my Roth IRA by April. I’ll have to contribute $4500 more to max it out for the year. If I max it out for next year within this calendar year I’ll be ecstatic. I just took a look at my performance report in my portfolio and I think it’ll be hard to top 2013. I know the market is getting better but I’m still pretty proud of my results. I opened my account last April, took a small dip but still managed to finish April up .04%. I had all 3 quarters finishing positive. My one negative month was August at -3.92%. The S&P also went down that month at -3.13% so I don’t feel too bad.

This year, I’ll execute at least 12 trades for the year. I think it’s important that I get used to pulling the trigger more often. I will execute one trade dealing with options. Ideally, I’d like to outperform the market (obvs) but I want this year to be more about learning. I really think learning options will help me control more of my game. I finished 10% above the market without Q1. I’m not saying that my YTD % would be higher but I just wanted to be as clear as possible. I hope this upward trend continues.

Goal #3 %20 Down

My longer term goal is to get a down payment on an apartment. I’m guessing it’ll be 65k. This year I’d like to save up 12k. 1k a month is pretty considerable given my income. The two things that I’ve allocated decent sums of my money to are the wedding in Hawaii and my friend’s bachelor party. I may buy a shotgun and a new phone this year. I want to work on my shotgun shooting but I know that’s kind of not aligned with this down payment goal. Oh the duality of man.


Said, of course, in the manner of 2 Chainz.

So here’s my life story about going to the gym. Don’t trip, it’s not very long. The very first time I went into the gym was in highschool for a PE unit. I’ve had decent leg strength for the majority of my life but my upperbody always lagged behind. It wasn’t really a big deal since I ran track so I never paid it much attention. In the PE unit I had to bench press and I started out with just the bar and that was easy but not THAT easy. It kind of embarrassing in the beginning but I wasn’t tripping too much about it because I knew I was fast and that’s all that mattered at the time. I eventually worked my way up to 25′s on each side bringing me to 95 pounds. The second year of PE I ended up working my way up to 115 when the unit came around. We only had two years of PE so that was pretty much as much working out that I did. I tried out for the football team and the strength test for the bench press was 135. A plate on each side. I was unable to do one.


A few years of bboying and my upper body strength improved. At least, I thought it did. By now I’m in college and hit the gym every now and then. By every now and then I mean very not really lol. I’d go for a few weeks and then stop for the rest of the year. Rinse and repeat. In college I think I may have hit 1 plate (135 lbs) maybe for like 1 or 2 reps. Which at the time I thought was solid considering I was only 145 lbs.

I got into running and juicing vegetables and what not. I dropped a lot of fat but also a good amount of muscle. I looked in the mirror one day and thought, “Man my chest is like gone.” Granted, I never really had one but whatever was there was now gone. I imagined a chicken breast and asked myself, “Does a chicken have a bigger chest muscle than you?!” Something had to be done.


I had been growing out my hair to donate and it had been about a year. I knew it would be a 1.5 to 2 year endeavor. It’s super passive, all I had to really do was let it grow. I decided that I would grow my muscles. I would do this for at least 1 year. I weighed about 150lbs at the time and they said a good goal to shoot for is 1.5x your body weight which is 225 lbs. This so happened to be 2 plates. ” 2 plates?! Are you crazy?!” is what I thought to myself. I said I’d shoot for it and if I get it, great if not then oh well. I decided that I would go to the gym for about 1 year. I had been working out at my apartment gym a little and on the bench press machine worked my way up to 180 pounds (which doesn’t really mean shit on the real bench press) Then I moved and stopped.

Later on, I got my 24 hour membership from Costco. It was for 2 years but I felt more pot committed to go and get my money’s worth. That was in October of 2012. I signed up probably in November and went for a few weeks. I’d go during lunch since my job was so close to the gym. I ended up quitting my job but kept going to the gym in February since the New Years crowd would now be gone. I had all this free time so there was no excuse to not go. I’d go to the gym 3 times a week just like I did when I had work.


I started my bench at 95, worked my way up to 115 again and got some courage to try 135 a couple of times. Just goes to show that 180 on the machine didn’t translate too well over to the real bench press. Sometime in June, I was able to one rep 185 which to me was pretty crazy by itself. Eventually I had go my working weight (4 reps) to 185. I could do 1-2 reps of 205, sometimes I could do 3 but never a clean set of 4. Always with a spot because I never felt confident enough to complete the third rep.

My friend urged me to try 225 with his spot a few weeks ago. I did it and he said he barely touched it but I didn’t count it because I don’t know how much barely is. I know that if he doesn’t touch it at all then it would be all me. Today at work, I had a beer at the company gathering. I didn’t go to the gym yesterday and I totally didn’t feel like it now. I left late because I wanted to do some extra work that I was originally planning to do instead of going to the gathering. I thought I wouldn’t go to the gym so I didn’t change at work. On the way home I decided that I should go just to go. Keep the habit and what not. I took a day off yesterday so I wanted to at least go in and get in a shitty workout because I didn’t want to lose too much momentum. I did my warm up set and I felt pretty good.

I felt like I was lifting with a good amount of power. My friend who said to try 225 came in so luckily I would have a spot so I could attempt it. I said fuck it, I might as well try it today I’m feeling good right now. Low and behold I did! I hit my goal one month early and on a day that I almost didn’t go to the gym and totally wasn’t expecting to PR (setting a personal record).

That’s about it, I just wanted to share that with whoever reads this. (Probably a Google bot spidering my site) If you are a real human being, thanks for reading!


“It’s been one week” – Barenaked Ladies

So I’ve been employed for a week now and so far it is pretty cool. Granted, I haven’t done any “real” work because I’m in the training phase still but I’m excited to learn new skills and what not. The first skill I’ve picked up so far is the insatiable thirst for coffee. I thought I was bad at Autofusion but now I find myself EASILY drinking what used to be my max. I really should change that but it tastes so good!

I guess I could drink some decaf later in the day but I’m not sure how I feel about that.


Okay enough with the Riri gifs. I have work tomorrow.

Pretty Motherfuckers

article-0-189CBD2A00000578-373_306x609Maison Martin Margiela With H&M Global Launch Event - Red Carpet

Who the fuck are these two dapper fellows? They would be none other than the top 2 earning male models of 2012 Sean O’Pry and David Gandy. Why am I writing about them? Well, it turns out that though they each made over a million dollars last year. As impressive as that is to us common folk, it is merely a fraction of what the top earning female models make.


Gisele made 42 mill last year. You have to admit, that’s a pretty big gap. I’m less shocked about the salary disparity but more so than I heard about this on Good Morning America. I guess this counts as news (GMA is a news show right?) Nevertheless, here I am talking about it so good job them. I’m glad that Sean was able to say he’s not really tripping about the amount he makes because he knows he’s blessed to be able to do this type of work. Otherwise I’d just straight dislike the dude. One thing that makes me wonder is that if he didn’t bring it up, then who did? Who was the one researching male versus female model salaries and said “People should know about this!”. Why anyone would really care is beyond me.

I want to meet the one dude that goes “What?! Male models don’t make as much as female models?! Forget it! I’m going to college!” To that one guy, sorry for crushing your dreams.

X Number of Things Y Type of People Need to Know About That Z Thing


Photo cred to

Start with some kind of photo. You’ll get plus points if its HD, ambiguous, crops heads out, only has the foreground in focus or has some sort of caption already on it. Next, create a list of items that sound cool. They can range from something along the lines of “You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take” to “Move to New York for a year”. While you’re at it, sprinkle some photos along the way because a big block of text may turn away some readers.


My Facebook feed is littered with these types of posts on the daily and I really wonder why. I’ll admit that some of them are more informative lists (ex: Questions one may have about Syria) while others not so much. What compels people to share these? I understand that all humans crave connection but sometimes the topic is just too broad. Yes we are both 20 somethings that live in America. Yes I would like to know the difference between a man and a boy. Oh cool I watch Breaking Bad too (and if you don’t you should.)


Perhaps, as I age, I am turning into the bitter old man that isn’t cut out for these social platforms. Or, it could be the changing nature of Facebook. People want to get a lot of likes. That’s an assumption but I’m willing to bet that it’s a pretty safe one. Now you might be saying “Larsen if you don’t like it, don’t click on it.” I don’t. However, it does make things I am interested in harder to find. I’m trying to look at posts about you taking that chance you thought you were scared at first to take. I’m trying to find posts about how you just moved to New York. I’M TRYING TO FIND POSTS ABOUT YOU!

I am not trying to find posts about some general random ass topic. I don’t care what Miley Cyrus did at an award show. I don’t care about the 5 things Gen Y needs to know. What group of scientists determined that anwyay? Oh some miscellaneous writer free spirit type with a blog? Sounds credible to me.

I get that you want to share some type of bond with people but did you really need to use some all encapsulating post for those 3 bullet points you wanted to get across? Does you feel it will resonate more with people because somebody else said it? Now don’t get me wrong, I am no saint. I’m sure I’ve posted things of a similar nature but there are some people who do it more than I’d like to see. I guess in the end I know that people won’t really change and they’re free to interpret how they want to use Facebook but I really would like a filter on my feed for keywords. I’d like to filter out posts with the words “20 somethings” and limit my feed to have only 3 posts a week from Buzzfeed. Yes I would like cheese with my whine and it’s my birthday I can blog if I want to. Yes I have had a few adult beverages. That is all.